Hello again, we're here to talk about how you can explore the world within A Tale in Time.
As the game is text based, we wanted to give a view of the world as it's seen but also to allow players to delve deeper into the story through investigating further than just looking around a location - after all, that wouldn't be interesting!

With TextPanda, we can assign a number of "actions" to items and locations within the world, each can have differing outputs, take the below for example:
Here, simply looking at the computer terminal will reveal it's use, however examining it will reveal extra information - in this case that it is working on DMG-003.

Not only can we do this with investigation, but also interactivity, such as using or opening items:

Each of these actions can provide a different level of feedback - we have one item that on being used triggers a secret quest line.

Another use of the system is with equipped weapons as depending on the type of weapon the player has equipped will depend on the action they use during combat.
For example, with a crowbar equipped, this cannot shoot an enemy, but can hit or attack for an amount of damage.
Whereas with say, a nailgun equipped, shooting is the primary action but you could hit an enemy with the nailgun itself, this wouldn't do as much damage, but allows the weapon to be used even without ammunition. There'll be more on the combat system at a later date!

Moving on from items, locations are a key part of the story and each location can have a number of trigger actions which will occur if specific requirements are met.
Here you can see that with the "Did I do that?" quest active, when they reach the control room the quest is automatically completed and another granted. If the player were to then go to the control room again they would no longer receive any of these actions.

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