Hello, the internet!

We're Quantum Reality, we've been around for a while but with nothing to show.
Thankfully, that changes today!

Over the past year, we've been developing our game universe telling a story that spans across time, from futuristic technology to present day problems and now it's finally time to start revealing that to the world.
It's going to be slow at first, we still have plenty more to do, but foundations must be set.

To begin our journey, we want to take you on A Tale in Time, to the start of our World. This is a time where humanity thrives in a golden age, but while our technology has advanced, we are still plagued with problems.

This is A Tale In Time
Early game screencap
A Tale in Time is a text based adventure RPG that started life as a tool used to develop our story but somehow along the way turned into it's own game engine.
The TextPanda engine which powers A Tale in Time runs on .NET Core and should allow the game to run on Windows, Linux and OSX - we can't say for sure about OSX, those are expensive.

Some features of the game include:

  • Language Fluency
  • Combat System
  • Armour/Weapon Equipment
  • Item Rarities
  • Easter Eggs
  • Various damage types + status effects
  • Quests

We're still actively developing the TextPanda engine and hope to include almost all of it's features into A Tale in Time. Not only this but once the game is closer to completion we will be releasing our story editior and story player, allowing anyone to create their own stories!

Until then, here's a screenshot from a very early build of the game.
The section displayed under "LNG" refers to the engines language interpreter, which attempts to identify commands from fluency.
The first location of the game.

We'll be posting more about the game and the technology soon.